TwoTone Workshop - NYC Open Data Week 2019

Watch this workshop video to learn about how to use TwoTone to sonify NYC Open Data. As an official partner of NYC Open Data Week 2019, Datavized organized a TwoTone launch event on March 5, 2019. The public event featured an introduction from the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics and demo of the NYC Open Data Portal and a demo of TwoTone using a sample data set built into the tool and sample data set from the NYC Open Data portal, a sonfication of NYC 311 Rodents Complaints from 2010 to Present. We also present a demo of NYC Outdoor Swimming Pool Attendance sonified and a walkthrough of the Basque Country EUSTAT example “Song Of The Day”using behavioral survey open data collected in 2013 to build a time-based sonification story.

To explore the NYC Open Data example in more depth, visit our post on sonifying NYC 311 Rodents Complaints.

And explore additional sonifcations of NYC Open Data such as NYC Art Survey, NYC 311 Call Center Inquiries, and NYC Public Wi-Fi Hotspots.

For TwoTone documentation, visit ‘How it Works’ or the Githhub repo.