The Legend of Nixon

Sonification case study - Richard Nixon's approval ratings as a Legend of Zelda soundtrack

Basque Country EUSTAT

Creating a "Song Of The Day" using behavioral survey data collected in 2013 to build a time-based sonification story.

Temperature of US Economy

A sonification of U.S. debt to GDP ratio, yearly from 1949 to 2028 from the Congressional Budget Office.

NYC Swimming Pool

A creative musical interpretation of NYC Outdoor Swimming Pool Attendance. Experimenting with adding field audio recordings.

A selection of projects made with TwoTone

Mars Weather Report

A time-based sonification of NASA weather data from Mars, using a data set from February 14-20, 2019.

NYC 311 Call Center Inquiry

311 Call Center Inquires from February 1-10, 2019. Information on all agent-handled calls to the City’s 311 information line.

NYC Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

A creative musical interpretation of Free Public NYC Wi-Fi location and provider data. Experimenting with oscillators and double bass.

NYC Arts Survey Data

A creative musical interpretation less concerned with understanding the data than creating a layered multi-instrument composition.